Master Ed Byrne

BBBA Karate Instructor - Master Ed Byrne



Styles practised: Bujinkai Karate, Shotokan Karate, Shukokai Karate, Shorai Karate, Freestyle Karate(Recognised as the first person to bring Freestyle into the Southwest), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Pak Mei Kung Fu (white eyebrow style), Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Tae Kwon Do (T.A.G.B/G.T.I/W.T.F), Ashiita Kai Karate (co- founder), Sport Karate (First person to bring Sport Karate to the southwest), Ed Byrne's Eclectic Karate (founder).


Achievements: 9th Dan Eclectic Karate presented by Jon Alexander & Ito Kunimitsu, World Destruction Champion 1992- Present, Holder of 15 consecutive World Breaking records, sixfoot series champion 1994 beating Paul Moyce European champion & Jamie Green world champion on the same day, Southwest Tae Kwon Do champion 1990, won the southwest Grand Prix masters Mens title for the past 5 years, only person from the Southwest to have been on the front cover of the World's best Martial Arts Magazine, The Martial arts illustrated, invited to compete at every Kumite event and invited and fought for M.A.I team "THE WARRIORS", 2006 Instructor of the year, 2006/2007 Restormel coach of the year, World Champion Ed has defeated in combat - Mike Beard (A.I.M.M.A.World champion), Wayne Turner (I.A.S.K.A.World Full Contact Champion) Jamie Green x 2 (W.U.M.A World continuous Champion), Alvin Mighty(W.U.M.A & 3 X W.A.K.O World Champion). Ed is recognised as being the most successful and influencial Martial Arts coach to come out of the Southwest, Ed has produced over 100 Cornish champions, 26 British Champions, 6 European Champions and 3 World Champions.









15st 10 lbs

Years Training:


Favourite Food:


Favourite Music:

R&B/2pac/Snoop/Reggae and the King Elvis

Favourite Film:

I have a few Green Mile, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Me,Myself and Irene & Marvel super hero films

Favourite Technique:

"The Thug Blitz"

Favourite thing in Martial Arts:

Teaching Children & watching my students progress(which is all the time)

Least favourite things in Martial Arts:

Bullying, Back Stabbers, Bad Etiquette & Instructors who don't practice what they preach

Favourite thing outside Martial Arts:

Spending quality time with my family and opening coffee jars!

Least favourite thing outside Martial Arts:

Bullying, Bad Manners & dodgy shopping trolleys

Favourite Title:



Football (favourite team Arsenal) & Golf


"Inspired For Success"

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