Irish Open 2017


Irish Open 2017

The Irish Open/ Wako World Cup is the Worlds largest and most prestigious Martial Arts tournament in attendance were 4250 competitors, 37 Countries and over 300+ Martial Arts Teams and Schools.

Cornwall were represented once again by Team Byrne, headed by Chief Coach Ed Byrne, Senior Coach Bradley Byrne and the Team consisted of in alphabetical order Aaron Dudley,Andy Dudley, Ashley Perry, Emma Thomas, James Hughes, Kinana Youssef, Kiya Williams, Leah Richards, O...scar Clilverd, Sam McGuigan, Rob Richards and Riley Bird. 

Martial Arts events are filled with controversy and the Irish Open is no different, I had my eyes opened on a few occasions, the quality of the referees, strange rulings including not able to contest a bad call or wear shorts, the integrity of some highly respected coaches were bought to my attention. I think dwelling on these negative issues, would detract from the many positivity's that I, my Team and my Academy stand for. 

My under 12yrs Team won the Irish Open team event, some of my fighters who struggled in the Novice sections last year, this year beat some of the finest athletes in their sections, reached finals, losing in extra time to fighters with much more experience than them, winning Silver and Bronze medals in the advance sections, inspired me by the way they stared adversity in the eyes. 

My novice fighters and those who attended their first Irish Open, only competing one or two times beforehand, filled me with pride, with their bravery, even though they couldn't hear me during their bouts, being caught up in the moment and being overwhelmed learnt so much at this event. 

All my Fighters, gave their all, you all trained so hard, come so far, your commitment is unquestionable, If you continue to grow, in future years like you have in the past few years, we will undoubtedly have a Team of World Class athletes. 

My Son, Bradley your passion goes unnoticed, you have your Team's back 24/7, you will stand your ground and you will not be moved for your fighters right, that passion saw you evicted from the venue at the weekend. The whole team appreciates your passion. Your knowledge far exceeds your young years, Im proud of your achievements. 

My aim is to form the best team I can using all my resources and knowledge, my team have surpassed all of my expectations, I've been told by other coaches, that Team Byrne's future is a bright one, I agree with them. 

Thank you to all the Team Byrne Parents for your continued support, special thank you to my own family for your love and support.

Results of the Irish Open

Leah Richards, Oscar Clilverd, Aaron Dudley and James Hughes - Irish Open Champions 12yrs Team 

Leah Richards +47kg Younger Cadet Female Silver

James Hughes +47kg Younger Cadet Male Bronze

Oscar Clilverd -42Kg Younger Cadet Male Bronze

Kiya Williams -28kg Younger Cadet Female Bronze

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