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A martial arts instructor teaches people all aspects of a martial art, from tactics, self-defence and physical conditioning, to philosophy, history and decorum.

Martial arts classes are taught from either a space in a sports centre or often from a rented out temporary space such as a school, church or community hall. Some martial arts schools are lucky enough to have their own dedicated training space..

Classes usually take place at evenings and weekends outside of working hours. A class make take from 1 - 3 hours consisting of different elements. There is always the risk of danger at a martial arts class, and it is up to the instructor to minimise this via safe working practices and correct teaching. Protective equipment such as soft mats, foot pads, gloves and headgear can be used while sparring. Depending on the type of martial art, the risk of injury may be greater, though usually to the students rather than the instructor.

Teaching martial arts properly is an immensely challenging and rewarding job. Leading by example can effectively mean taking a very hard martial arts class at the same time as lecturing. It naturally follows then that a martial arts instructor's level of fitness and ability has to be in excess of his students. Working for only 2 - 5 hours per day may sound like an easy ride but doing so 7 days a week to a high level of excellence, in addition to the peripheral duties, can leave an instructor exhausted. Depending on the seriousness of one's students there can also be a large emotional factor. Some students invest a lot of emotion and hope in their training and an instructor can find themselves being a focal point in multiple people's lives

Our goal is not to produce a karate champion, It's to produce a solid black belt who's a good citizen and productive in other areas of life. 




A martial arts instructor's working day will contain the following elements:

  • Preparing class plans in advance.
  • Teaching classes which will normally consist of warm up, skills training, conditioning, sparring, stretching and some lecturing - all in varying amounts on different days.
  • Monitoring and noting students' progress, providing feedback for students on an individual and group basis where there is need for improvement/ grounds for reward.
  • Keeping up to date on personal skills and training.
  • Continuing study of martial arts theory and philosophy.
  • Administrative duties.
  • Promotional enterprises such as advertising, arranging new classes, demonstrations etc.
  • Travelling to other clubs to give special workshops.



In order to teach the martial arts, an instructor would need the following:

  • A high level of skill in his given art and the go-ahead to teach, or a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Excellent fitness.
  • Some anatomical knowledge.
  • Confidence speaking in front of an audience.
  • The ability to communicate complex ideas to a wide range of people.
  • The patience to teach people of vastly differing physical ability.
  • Good organisational skills; a martial arts instructor is responsible for running his own business.


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